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Keep other user and grow your campaign

So you have created a movement. Great job! Now what? Here's how to build excitement and attract more supporters to your movement for change.

Six Ways to Grow Your Support Base
  • Create movementabout root cause :The best movements are not the end, but it work when you have support for that and draw attention for other users. A movement can be a reaction to a news story in support or against your cause.
  • Post news stories : By sharing news stories or blog posts about your movements you can make it popular,you can show potential supporters that your issue matters
  • Tell a personal story and post videos :People identify with stories they can relate to on a personal level so you can try that. You can also post videos that relate to your movement  

Build a Social Media Conversation

Use Facebook to get your message across

You can use a wide base of supporters. If you are an active user on Facebook you can share movement on facebookas well, interacting with followers and responding to messages on a regular basis will give support to your movement.