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What is Virudh?

Virudh is a platform for people to create & support movements and make others aware on what's not good for society and work for making India a better place to live. Virudh is not a platform for criticizing Individuals or a Group on the basis of Religion, Cast, Color etc.

Virudh is a independent medium and a moderated web community. Virudh doesn't support any Party or any Individual.

Virudh's motto is to make our self aware on issues and change ourselves first to make a remarkable change in the world.


How to start a Movement?

Please see steps to create a movement

How do I send a hope do I need to sign up for that?

You do not need to signup for that it’s an easy way to send your suggestions to Virudh. 

What are my legal responsibilities in creating a Movement?

Remember, the purpose of a movement is to compel other users to affect positive change. If you follow our tips and focus on to make a difference, you should enjoy a successful Movement. Please read our Terms of Service, to which you must agree in creating a movement.

How do I delete my Virudh account?

You can only delete your account by sending a email request to admin on

Keep in mind that closing your account is permanent and you cannot sign up for a new one with the same email address. All of your history and movements will be gone.