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If we make a social activist group on facebook or on whatsapp ,we can change.
Added By Vijay grover Oct 10, 2015
I think good input,good output,.hamare education structure pe kanhi kuchh gadbad he, Jo itnna kachhada nikle raha ho,. Issue badalna chahie,..
Added By sivaji naik Jul 30, 2015
I have gone through the work being carried out by Virudh. True to its name, it is really working against all evils inside. Shatrughna means the one who kills enemies. Here the enemies are inside us. Please go ahead. Wonderful & noble work being carried out. I support your movement for a better India. Acche Din. Regards B B K MURTHY
Added By B B K MURTHY May 15, 2015
"We are optimistic !"1 day things will be better & country will get rid off poverty & mishappenings! :)
Added By sumi varshney Mar 19, 2015
Elders in our society r left to die or look sfter themselves really sad no one cares ad children busy with their lives even if they hve parents they r used sd servants to fo household work look after children neede more senior citizens homes
Added By anju purohit Feb 18, 2015
have to stop the working of wine shops, 1-Most wage workers dont spend their money for their family,they waste for liquirs where the people remains most below poverty.
Added By Ruthranandan Feb 16, 2015
बहुत बड़ा दिल चाहए निश्वार्थ भाव से सेवा करने के लिए आपके इस कदम को मेरा सलाम कभी भी कही भी किसी मौके पे हम भी आपके साथ हैं
Added By Sunil Pathak Feb 06, 2015 to be a part of it.
Added By sandeep Sep 28, 2014
बेहतरीन प्रयास है परन्‍तु लम्‍बी दूरी चलने के लिये हौसला चाहिये । डगर मुश्किल है पर ना मुमकिन नहीं । प्रयास करेंगे देश की दिशा बदलने के लिये । अाओ हम सभी प्रयास करें कि देश का हर नागरिक सम्‍य, सौम्‍य, जागरूक एवं देशभक्‍त हो ताकि देश कुडे का ढेर, भ्रष्‍टाचार की मिसाल तथा अपराध का गढ नहीं बने।
Added By Ashutosh Vyas Sep 10, 2014
Go ahead ! India will be the Best Country in the world.!
Added By arun Sep 09, 2014
Yes, we can remove all evils from our society with VIRUDH..
Added By Dr. Ravindra Vishwakarma Aug 16, 2014

aap samaj me faile aatyachar, shoshn,uttpidan, balmajduri, aur samaj me faile andhvishwas ke VIRUDDH aawaj utharahi hay aage yehi soch kamiyab bane SHUBHKAMNAON ke saath aapke saath.

Added By Rameshwar S. More Jun 27, 2014
balatkar karne walo ko hame bilkul nahi bakshna cahaiye ,,, unhe samaj main rahne ka koi haq nahi ?? hamare bharat desh nain kahne ko to bahut tarakkhi kar lee but yahe ki logo ki kahe na kahi soch bahuth gandi hai ???
Added By ajay kumar bohat Jun 25, 2014
samaj me faile hue andhvishwaas aur kuritiyon ke virudh apke dwra chlai gyi muhim jaroor kaamyaab hogi. Hm sb apke sath hain. we made india better.
Added By Aditya Kr. Chaudhari Jun 19, 2014
too good website hope good for society
Added By Raj Upadhyay Jun 13, 2014

group is power

Added By vijay Jun 13, 2014
Its a gud start for fight against the brutul incidents or killings done by the some evils of society...i appreciate the former of this group.keep it up.
Added By abhay tyagi Jun 10, 2014
its a very good move for the betterment of society,especially the child labour and traffiking which is at peak in jharkhand needs to be stopped,
Added By nishant kumar Jun 08, 2014
I agree with all of you
Added By raj narayan Jun 08, 2014
Our Sister's & girl's are not secure in Utter Pradesh .We need to aware to all citizens who is belong to Utter Pradesh. " Aaj kisi aur ki beti ke sath atyachar hua hai , Kal apki ki bati aur bahan ke sath bhi so sakta hai " Ukhad feko aesi sarkar ko jo is atyachar ke khilaf awaz na utayei.
Added By Atul Mishra Jun 03, 2014
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