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How a Movement Works

Make change with an Movement

A movement is a time-tested way to make change. At its simplest, way to raise your voice and have a healthy discussion. With VIRUDH, you have power to connect with more people and make more change than ever before. Here's how: 


Why Online Movement Work

Unique thing about creating an online movement on VIRUDH is when you specify the category of your movement it will automatically intact the related persons on website who are looking for it. When hundreds or even thousands of persons added to your movement you will definitely get a solution. 


What Successful Movement Have In Common

The goal is compelling and achievable. 

Successful movements ask for something very specific, that a decision maker can change. They usually propose a sensible solution to a problem. If you can't summarize the "ask" of your movement in one clear and concise sentence, it's probably too broad. 

Learn How To Start Your Online Movement.

Social media tools are used to get the word out and add supporters. 

Facebook, Twitter, and online communities make it easy to gain support for your movement without having to go door to door marketing. Successful movement creators take advantage of the power of the Internet to promote their campaigns. After you start a movement on VIRUDH, we’ll walk you through exactly how to use these tools to effectively spread the word about your Movement. 

Learn How To Promote Your Movement.