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Badaun gang-rape - a narrative of shame

Increasing rape cases in Uttar Pradesh is a shame for the whole country.

The two teenaged girls, who were cousins aged 14 and 15 years, were allegedly gangraped and murdered with their bodies seen hanging from a tree, a day after they went missing on May 27 in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh.

After months of election coverage, this cruel gang-rape in lawless UP has not just enraged the country, but even forced the overseas community to take notice of India’s scary culture of rape.

Five rapes over in 36 hours in Uttar Pradesh might have delivered great shock waves across the country's most populated state.

If you would approach your daughter about protection, talk to your son about consent. We must keep in mind that women are not for entertainment of men.

Rape is not just a offense against women, It is a heinous act of suffering our society's spirit.
Problem is not rapists, but the victim blaming mindset that's silencing the victims and her associates.

There is a powerful require to monitor and evaluate the crimes growing across the nation along with regulating to them. Be the catalyst for change.

Added By Neeraj Rawat on Jun 19, 2014

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