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Don't Kill Childhood - Stop Child Labour

India is unfortunately the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world.
Children must be bringing books, not bricks. They should be playing with footballs, not stitching them. They need to be sitting inside classrooms, instead of sweeping them.

Over 60 million children in the India at present are involved in child labor, doing work that is damaging to his or her mental, physical and also sentimental development.

Child labour is the practice where children involve themselves in economic activity, on part or full time basis.
In India employing a person between age 14 but under 18 years in any dangerous activities or activities having serious physical exertion is often referred to as child labor. Even employing anyone below age 14 years in any form of activity aimed at earning an income is termed as child labor.

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Added By Vidwat Sharma on Apr 28, 2014

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