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say no to quack doctors

while each and every life is important so is each and every one's health.whatever the reason may be we should consult only registered and qualified doctors for our health related problems because in short term may we don't understand the importance of a qualified doctor but in long term the harms caused by quacks are so big and extensive that we loose and above all our self confidence.since each and every drug has its own plus and minus drug is safe in absolute how can we allow someone who is not trained and registered with certain minimum qualification to experiment on us?why we should avoid qualified and registered doctors only because we have no money or we have no idea regarding health and medical issues??

government hospitals can be better than going to quacks if someone is govt hospitals provide state of art medical and diagnostic facilities to poor patients either free of cost or on minimal charges that can be afforded.

so please avoid and bycott quacks.they dont have right to play with your knows name of 10-12 drugs and its uses so he/she is a doctor is totally baseless.


Added By siddharth kumar on May 22, 2014


  • Commented By kapil on May 23, 2014

    Really siddharth the issue you raised is very genuine. People think about money instead of health.

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