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support our youth for sports

SSDF (Sparsh Sports Development Foundation) has been Established by Former International Athlete and Silver Medal winner Mr. AJEET VERMA on 22nd, April 2010, with motto is to reach and search all real young aspirant toward Sports. As we all know that India is at second place in population after China, but could not achieve remarkable stand in world Olympics, Asian Games and Common Wealth Games, as we deserved. We have experienced and realized the factors and causes behind this lackness. We reach to this conclusion that proper Nursery for Sports Men is not developed by Government of India and N.G.O’S. Sports Men of villages and remote areas are deprived of relevant information of todays Sport and Sport World because of this paucity our Sports Men are lagging behind. To obtain this global status AJEET VERMA took up the responsibility and founded SSDF (Sparsh Sports Development Foundation). my web page is

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Added By Ajit verma on Jun 05, 2014

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