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garibi hatao.... desh bachao
To create awareness among people who only think about themselves who does not cares about anyone and to let them know that there are many people in India who does'nt have even clothes to
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corruption and casteism
Corruption is the root cause of all evils in this country bcs Most of the political parties try to be in power to make money and the process of making money will lead to all
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clean&Green world
Providing Clean Enviroment&good health or human
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jivan suraksha
because after a long period of freedom we are not able to save life perfectly. our government grant a lot financial help to the health department but in the government hospital and also panneled hospital
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why me ?
This is cancer of society .
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Save Cow
It is important because cow is our mother. Guilty people catch the coss and sell out them to wrong peoples.
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Help to poor students
In that area we see all child arr working on tea stall , and other inside. We can help him to go school to buy books.
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