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Start Your Movement

Create a Movement in three easy steps

Start Your Movement with VIRUDH is very easy, free and takes few minutes of your time. 
The best movement happens when we ask our self three key questions:What am I trying to change? Who can make that change possible? And why is this important?


Step 1.1: Ask Yourself 2 Key Questions

  • What do I want to change?
  • Tell the story: Why should others care?

Step 1.2: Fill In the Details of Your Movement

  • Name your Movement
  • Categorize your Movement
  • Write about your movement
  • Upload a photo or video
Add your Movement name

Your Movement name is the first thing people see when they look at your Movement. It should be short, informative so people will want to read more. 

Categorize your Movement

You have to select a category in which you feel your movement lies for example if you are creating a movement for child labor you have to select the appropriate category for that from the given list.

Write about your movement

You have to write aboutyour movement which contains a meaningful description that describes the reason to be here.


Upload a picture or video

Some times picture can express your view easily: you need to catch your readers’ attention and describe the problem. 
Video can also be extremely powerful, whether it’s a personal testimonial, or clipsrelated to movement you created. Just keep in mind that the best videos are usually short (1-2 minutes tops), have good audio quality, and in some way shows the problem, not just talks about it.

You can add a photo or video to your Movement on the "Add a movement" page